Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tsubasa Masuwaka's Dolly Wink v2 Eyelashes Review~

Long time, no blog~

Once again, I attempted to be consisted with blogging and I failed.
I just never know what exactly to blog about! I feel weird just blogging about nothing unless its beauty related haha~

Moving on, seeing as I do have something to blog about, I'm here to show you 3 out of 6 of the new (or not so new) eyelashes that came out in the second installment of Dolly Wink products!

The 3 I will be showing you up close are the number 9 Natural Dolly, number 12 Feminine Doll, and number 13 Baby Girl.
Each of them were $16 at my local Asian drugstore.

Let's start off with the number 9 Natural Dolly~

These lashes, as the name of it says, are very natural looking.
The lashes give the effect of thick and full lashes without being too dramatic, such as the first series of Dolly Wink eyelashes were. These are good if you just want to have a natural thickness and that dolly look without being too dramatic with it.
Here's a close up of these lashes :

Now we move on to the number 12 Feminine Girl~

These lashes are very unique. I have seen lashes with this sort of design but not so...separated? Not sure if anyone knows exactly what I mean but yes, these are truly unique. It's a new take on the dolly lower eyelashes, in my opinion. I wouldn't say these are very natural looking, but I can say if you're feeling like you want to try something new, try these. They look pretty cute with basic makeup, as shown on the back of the packaging.
Here's a closeup of these lashes :

Finally, to the number 13 Baby Girl~

These lashes give off a sweet, innocent, dolly effect to them. They resemble, to me, the past Dolly Wink bottom lashes in number 6 Baby Cute. These are a bit small though, not as thick, and are on a full eyelash band instead of individual pieces. They're pretty adorable when you put them on, I like them the most out of the ones I have gotten. 
Here's a closeup of these lashes : 

So those were the lashes!
Overall, based on the 3 eyelashes I have purchased, I would have to say my opinion on these are neutral.
When I first heard that Dolly Wink was going to come out with more lashes, I was very excited.
I was a bit disappointed when I actually saw and purchased these lashes. Not that they weren't good, it just wasn't what I expected from the hype that I was building up myself haha~
The concept of these lashes also, so I have heard, was aimed towards a more mature audience, which I can clearly tell that they toned down the packaging. It looks less fun for some odd reason.
But that's besides the point~
As I said, these lashes are nice, they just weren't what I was expecting.
On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate these lashes a 6.
Would I repurchase these? No, because they're quite pricey and for what you get, I don't think its worth it.
Do I prefer the old Dolly Wink eyelashes? Yes, 100% haha~

Well, that's the end of this review! I hope, hope, to be blogging more but it's not a done deal~

'Till my next post, bye~