Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Circle Lenses~

Long time, no post!
I haven't posted in a month or so, I really should blog more haha~
Recently I was sent 2 pairs of circle lenses from after I did a review on my first pair of lenses that I received from them.
You can watch that here if you'd like : 

The two lenses I received were the Geo Princess Mimi Apple Greens & Super Magic Angel Blues.
Both in Plano.

With every pair of lenses they send to anyone, they always include a lens case. which is pretty convenient.

This is how the lenses look inside the cases :

Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green

Geo Super Magic Angel Blue

I haven't had much time to make looks with both of the lenses yet but I got a few ideas brewing~
I hope to make videos & take pictures with them on soon!
'Till my next post, thanks for reading and visiting~ 


  1. You are GORGEOUS! I loved the review! Following for your future updates. :)