Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thrift Stores Are Amazing~

I LOVE thrifting so much~ 
There are so many choices, so many amazing finds~
Here are two items that I got today :

This Sanrio shirt is unbelievably cute, I just couldn't resist when I saw it!
Plus, I'm obviously a Fairy Kitty so I needed it in my life~

This sweater goes with everything and is very cute~

Both were only $5 so I spent only $10~
I wish I had more money to thrift, there were plenty of more cute pieces I would have gotten, but sadly I didn't have the $$$.

I'm so obsessed with these two pieces, I couldn't resist, I had to wear them asap~

Well thats all for tonight~
'Till my next post~ ♥


  1. I love thrift stores too XDD most of the time I find nice cheap stuff *___* ! I'm loving the black and white jacket/cardigan XD (>//< don't know how to call that?? XDDDD wahhhh). I saw your post in everyday gyaru ! you have beautiful eyes *_* <3 take care *3*

  2. They're pretty amazing! <3
    Its a light sweater haha~
    Thank you! I saw your post as well & I have to say, I love your eye makeup tutorial, its so flawless~ <3

  3. I have saw your vidéos on youtue and i love yor make up, your style ^^, what is your makeup products ??
    (sorry for my bad english i'm french ><")