Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thrift Stores Are Amazing~

I LOVE thrifting so much~ 
There are so many choices, so many amazing finds~
Here are two items that I got today :

This Sanrio shirt is unbelievably cute, I just couldn't resist when I saw it!
Plus, I'm obviously a Fairy Kitty so I needed it in my life~

This sweater goes with everything and is very cute~

Both were only $5 so I spent only $10~
I wish I had more money to thrift, there were plenty of more cute pieces I would have gotten, but sadly I didn't have the $$$.

I'm so obsessed with these two pieces, I couldn't resist, I had to wear them asap~

Well thats all for tonight~
'Till my next post~ ♥

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Eyelashes Galore~

I made a false eyelash collection video today, you can watch it here :

Since you can't really see the eyelashes in this video, due to the horrible quality, I decided I would post pictures of them on here, just in case anybody was curious to how they looked like, their number and brand, and where they could get them~

These Darkness eyelashes were bought from a local asian drugstore for $3 each.
You can find them on amazon or various websites that sell asian goods.

These Shisem eyelashes were also bought from a local asian drugstore for $3 each as well.

I forgot these two accent eyelashes in my video but these were purchased from a local asian beauty supply store, where it cost $4.99 for each.

The top set of lashes was purchased from a local beauty supplies store and cost about $3.
The second set of eyelashes were sent to me as a free gift.

These two Spring Heart by Koji eyelashes were bought from a local asian beauty supplies store for $4.99 each.

These two sets of lashes were bought from a local asian drugstore for $13.99 each.

I got these four sets of Elite Eyelashes from Duane Reade for $2.69 each.

These 2 pack special sets of eyelashes were bought from Banzai for $5.99 each.

I purchased these four sets of Red Cherry lashes from a local beauty supplies store for $2.09 each.

This set of Makako Style by Koji eyelashes was purchased at a local asian drugstore for $15.99.

Overall, I'm completely obsessed with eyelashes. This collection of eyelashes is sure to grow!
Thank you for visiting and till my next post~

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Obligatory First Post~

I'll just say a little about myself here since I really have nothing else to say.
My name is Crisilla~
I'm born male but I love dressing up feminine. I don't really label myself as anything.
I'm pretty infatuated with the Gyaru style~
I have a youtube~ 
I love Kpop/Jpop/Pop, anything pop really.
Makeup is probably my favorite activity, next to clothing coordination.

Thats all for now, I guess if you have questions or you would like to know anything else about me, just ask~
'Till my next post, see you later and thank you for visiting my blog~